Wat is de beste handwarmer?

This is how you choose the best hand warmer!

Rechargeable hand warmers are currently a hit and are among the fastest growing product categories on platforms such as Amazon and Bol.com. In this crowded market, it is crucial to know which product you can trust, especially when shopping online. Here's where Ocoopa changes the game.

Why Choose Ocoopa?

When you choose Ocoopa, you know you have premium quality in your hands. This brand distinguishes itself on several fronts:

Exceptional Battery Life

Ocoopa hand warmers feature the latest energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries, introduced in September 2023. Unlike many other brands that run out after 45 minutes, Ocoopa provides 8 to 12 hours of sustained warmth. That makes it ideal for extended periods outside. The two-piece magnetic UT2s hand warmer provides 8 hours of warmth per part, together they provide more than 16 hours of warmth!

High Quality Materials

Ocoopa uses an aluminum housing reinforced with ABS high-performance fiber and a silicone coating for a soft touch. This not only ensures a pleasant grip, but also gives it a luxurious look.

Fast Charging Time

Thanks to the improved USB-C connection, the two magnetic parts of the hand warmer are fully charged in no time, all with one included cable.


We have tested them all and can confidently say that Ocoopa leaves the competition far behind. Many hand warmers do not live up to their promises; At Ocoopa you know you get value for your money.

Smart Functionalities

With the 'heat memory' function, this hand warmer automatically adjusts to your most comfortable heat setting. They are also touchscreen-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly operate your mobile in the cold.

Cheap is expensive

The saying "cheap is expensive" is very applicable in the world of hand warmers. In a market full of inferior products, Ocoopa offers a sustainable and reliable choice.

Our Extensive Tests

The photo at the top of this article shows our extensive collection of tested hand warmers. Time and time again, Ocoopa came out on top, especially when it comes to operating time, heat distribution and durability.


If you're looking for a hand warmer that combines reliability, durability and innovative technology, Ocoopa is the ultimate choice. Invest in a product that keeps its promises and enjoy unparalleled quality and comfort.

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