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Welcome to us, the official reseller of Ocoopa premium rechargeable hand warmers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

At Arctechat Co. we share our appreciation for Ocoopa, a leading brand in the world of reusable rechargeable hand warmers. We know the quality of Ocoopa products, which are distinguished by beautiful designs that without exception stand out compared to the competition, thanks to their unparalleled performance. Always made of high-quality materials and equipped with powerful and efficient lithium-ion batteries, Ocoopa stands for the best quality available on the market.

We always offer our products at competitive prices, directly from the manufacturer. This enables us to guarantee high quality and reliable service at an excellent price.

We are confident that you will appreciate the exceptional quality of Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmers.

Get to know our products

Just like in previous years, you can get acquainted with our products again this year during one of the upcoming fairs, winter festivals or Christmas markets.