Innovative and unique design: 2 Magnetic parts with smart functionalities.

No more cold hands

Discover this premium rechargeable hand warmer from Ocoopa. The innovative 2-piece magnetic design ensures that both hands stay warm. For up to 8 hours!

Heats up quickly and for a long time

This electric hand warmer heats up really well in just 3 seconds and provides lasting warmth for 8 to 12 hours. The operation is simple: choose from 3 different heat levels between 45 - 60°C at the touch of a button.

Premium quality

An aluminum housing reinforced with ABS high-performance fiber, enriched with a silicone coating that ensures that the hand warmer feels soft. Equipped with the most recent energy-efficient lithium-ion battery (intro: September 2023).

This hand warmer has a compact size, fits well in the hand, delivers top performance and has a stylish design.

Innovative design

You can use the two magnetic parts independently of each other or you can click them together for even more warmth.

Smart functionalities

With the 'heat memory' function, this hand warmer automatically adjusts to your most comfortable heat setting and you do not have to set the heat level again and again.

Faster charging

Thanks to the improved USB-C connection, you can charge both parts faster and at the same time with one supplied cable.

Touchscreen friendly

Do you have difficulty operating your mobile in the cold because you are wearing gloves? This hand warmer keeps your hands warm and free for effortless operation.